Roofing Project FAQs

Q. My roofing contractor just started working with my roof covering and it's the middle of wintertime! At what temperature level is it as well cold to set up asphalt roof shingles?

A. There are no particular temperature level standards regarding when it is too cold to install asphalt roof shingles. Asphalt tiles do become weak in cold temperatures, with fiberglass shingles most likely to break than organic shingles. Damage can be decreased or gotten rid of if the tiles are saved in a warm area and also loaded onto the roof covering a couple of bundles at a time. One more concern is that the self-sealing strips will certainly not seal or bond adequately in cool temperatures. Hand-tabbing (the application of quarter-size dabs of sticky to the bottom of shingles) is suggested if the structure is located in an area susceptible to high winds. This will assist protect against the tiles from blowing off the roof covering till warmer weather arrives as well as the securing strips can establish correctly.

Q. Only the underlayment has been set up on my roof covering as well as it drizzled last evening. Now, the underlayment is wrinkled. Does it have to be replaced?

A. If the wrinkling isn't extreme adequate to affect the tile installment (i.e., the wrinkling will not telegraph through the tiles as well as they won't show up buckled or wavy once set up), the underlayment probably can stay in position. The results of wrinkling likewise will be decreased by using much heavier weight shingles.

Q. My contractor installed the really felt covering (underlayment) 2 weeks back and hasn't set up the roof shingles yet. The length of time can you leave underlayment subjected?

A. Time is not the critical concern; the condition of the underlayment is what's important. Old and wrinkly or misshapen underlayment needs to be replaced so the shingles lay flat. Source: roofing contractors Long Island

Q. During the reroofing of my home, the service provider left one side of the roof vulnerable and when it rained, water went into the house and my ceiling as well as walls are harmed. Who is accountable for repairing the interior of my home?

A. Prior to signing a contract, make sure that it has language resolving that is in charge of any damage that takes place as an outcome of the roofing job. All products of concern and also job to be done should be included in the agreement.

Q. My service provider re-used the existing flashings on my roofing as well as after he completed installing the new tiles, he left! I have actually left a number of messages with the firm as well as no one will return to mount brand-new flashings. Should not that be included in the job?

A. If the contract didn't specify the installation of new flashings, it wasn't included in the initial scope of work. Be sure that all things of job to be done are included in the contract before signing it.

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